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106 definitions by Zack

Two lesbians that eat each other out
Man those two lickalottapuss's are really getting into it
by Zack May 08, 2003
When you have the shits really bad and your asshole gets red from whiping it so much.
Shit dude, I have a rip roaring red ass.
by zack February 23, 2003
sex position found on page 303 in the Kamasutra. triple 69 with two sisters and a lucky guy/girl.
Me and the olsen sisters did the flying sister twister last night!
by zack December 02, 2004
This is caused by excessive ear wax in an uncleaned ear canal. Waxidrizzle occurs while sleeping when ear wax drips onto one's pillow, leaving mysterious pillowcase stains.
Frank waxidrizzled at night, leaving unsightly yellow stains on his pillow.
by Zack March 26, 2004
A odd person.
Man, your such a Zutar.
by Zack December 16, 2003
a vagina that has a pleasently plump labia
yo molly sims has a wonderful veener
by zack January 15, 2003
little ridges in your ballsack after you come inside after a snowball fight and take a piss
Dude the speens on my nuts are deeper and harder than when i had rough buttsex with bruce
by zack January 11, 2003