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N. The theory that if you walk between two llamas while holding a dead fish, the fish will reincarnate into another llama, which will forever be known as the offspring of the two llamas.
A: Omg i'm holding a dead fish!
B: Go find two llamas and fulfill the lamfisha!
by ZachYJack February 08, 2008
N. The name of the process which takes place in the body of a squirrel after given enough chocolate. This process can take up to 3 and a half hours, so if one night you have nothing to do, this is a good way to pass the time. The process consists of four steps

1. lose of ability to climb trees.
2. lose of ability to tell the difference between another squirrel and a mailbox.
3. severe seizures.
4. explosion.
A: I have so many bags of leftover chocolate chips, and i dont know what to do with them.
B: Well, theres a shit load of squirrels in my backyard, wanna ses them have Chocopoppysquirrels?
A: Hell yea!
by ZachYJack February 09, 2008
V. The act of an enormous person pinnig a a normal sized person against a wall or another tall, straight surface, like a bus.
A: Oh shit, that sumo wrestler is headed straight for that lady and....

B: Yea boi that bitch just got Rusokoburgered.
by ZachYJack February 09, 2008
A new slang term for "I'd like Bananas with my waffles!"
A: We're going to Waffle Hut!
B: Fuck yeah! BAFUSHA!
by ZachYJack February 08, 2008

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