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To be extremely surprised and displeased about something, normally something that effects you personaly, then the act of justice opon whomever did it.
"Dude when he finds out you backed into his car, he's gunna shit a brick and rape you with it"
by Zach "Tay Tay" April 13, 2007
1. A girl who has had so much sex, that the mans penis flops round in her vagina.

2. A Man with a small penis, that flops around in a girls vagina.

3. Sad combination of both. (Its likely to happen too, cuz if she has hallway, then she likes the sex, and you have a penis, albeit small, you still have a good chance)
"Dude Tracy is a slutbucket, I was flopping around like a Hot Dog In A hallway"
by Zach "Tay Tay" October 20, 2006
A queef during a womans period.
She let out a nasty bloody vagina fart when I was earning my Red Wings.
by Zach "Tay Tay" June 19, 2008
Used in Instant Message programs, to notify other user that you are online but not currently available for conversation via IM.

AKA An Away Message
I tried calling Jill, but she wouldn't pick up, and she had an awayer up on IM, so I figure she must be pretty busy.
by Zach "Tay Tay" August 03, 2007
The opposite of "mother fucker", in that the genders are switched, but commonly used in the same context.
"Why don't you go suck off your dad, you Blow Pop!"
by Zach "Tay Tay" July 02, 2007
Those who will fall for anything.
I can't belive all these Obamanos, who really think he'll change all our problems.
by Zach "Tay Tay" September 10, 2008

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