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A tripster is an educated and conscious psychedelic explorer.

They are the breed of people with the perfect mixture of higher-leveled curiosity and courage. Tripsters willingly enter psychedelic states in order to both implore and explore these uncharted territories with the directed purpose of attempting to charter them.
What up tripster, how was your S-trip? What type of ZOOMDOUT information did you bring back for us this time?

Hoffman, Huxley, Shulgin, Wasson, Leary, Lilly, Kesey, Alpert, Castaneda, Strassman, Abraham, Wilson, Sheldrake, Dennis and Terence McKenna are some of the most zoomed out minds in recent western history. It’s no coincidence that they’re all eternal tripsters.
by ZOOMDOUT December 15, 2009
A psychedelic and cannabis centered limited edition clothing brand. The founder coined the term zoomed out after a psychedelic trip, and introduced the brand to the world weeks after graduating from Syracuse University in 2009.

ZOOMDOUT synchronistically forms the backronym: Zooming Out Our Minds to Discover Our Uncharted Territories.

A movement, a perspective, a lifestyle.

A pun; zoomed out.
ZOOMDOUT t-shirts are very 'environMentally' friendly. Made of bamboo, they all have a way of challenging conventional beliefs.

"Are you tuned in to the ZOOMDOUT Trip?"
by ZOOMDOUT November 28, 2009
1. A malleable term commonly used to describe a type of psychedelic trip, a deep meditative state, an out-of-body experience.

2. A ‘higher’ perspective; a holistic perspective.

3. Something that is out-of-this-world, outlandish, far out, trippy.

4. A psychedelic and cannabis centered clothing brand—ZOOMDOUT.
DMT zoomed me out like I’ve never zoomed out before. Three minutes into the trip I was looking at the INFINIVERSE; the ultimate web, full of interconnected dust particle-sized universes. I’m not even sure that I zoomed back into the same body!

Lucy finally told me the story about her near death experience. It’s so nuts. She says her soul literally zoomed out of her body as she began to die. Then she watched the entire car accident scene happen from up above.

Yo dude, I smoked about a joint of every Sativa strain in Amsterdamn at last year’s Cannabis Cup. I’ve never been that zoomed out in my life. I was seeing shit happen from space!

Wow. That’s a zoomed out Shpongle album if I’ve ever heard one.

“Eat nothin’ but mushrooms and drink pure liquid acid, I’m ZOOMD-the-fuck-OUT!” – Lush One (ZOOMDOUT shout out)
by ZOOMDOUT November 24, 2009
A person immersed in several aspects of psychedelia; one who is knowledgeable in various psychedelic subjects.

A tripster; a psychedelic sophisticate.
It’s always interesting to meet a fellow psychedelico.
by ZOOMDOUT January 05, 2010
A mushroom trip.
Tripster #1: How was your M-trip?

Tripster #2: Weird, man. I’m still trying to English it.
by ZOOMDOUT December 17, 2009
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