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To hang out with someone of much different socialeconomic status usually for the reason of wanting to look cool or to feel more connected with another culture very different from one's upbringing.

Usually there's a reason for such actions -- a bullet on a resume or being seen helping out one's fellow man.
Is that Generation X'er feeling the spirit of volunteering or just slumming with those guys he smokes with on the steps of the Soup Kitchen.

Why's Greg slumming with that fat unemployed single Latino mom? He's got a degree and a good job. Well, he's not over his divorce and he just wants to enjoy something light, fun and very sexual. He says he can talk her into anything. He'll get over her and move back up to someone more his level soon enough.
#seduction #enticement #toying with #class struggle #pretty boy toy #social slavery
by Z train March 04, 2006
The dropped bottom jaw in a gaping "Oh" ( : O ) when applying mascara. It is often accompanied by a vacant no one home upward look in the eyes yet with a paradoxical focus at the same time.
My wife looks like a retard when she puts on her mascara and gives her mascara face to the mirror. Talk about gaping idiot! Man!

Why can't my girlfriend put on her eye make-up like a normal person?! She resembles someone brain-dead who's trying to communicate when she puts on her mascara face. She should close her mouth!

Oh my God! Did you see the way Mary was applying Mascara? I wonder if she could still put on mascara if she didn't bug her eyes out and drop her jaw to her boobs? That is so weird! I've seen that mindless mascara face look before! My mom used to do that until I told her about it and now she tries hard not to look like an idiot when she puts on make-up.
#vacant stare #empty look #space for sale #flatline #near death experience #fugue state #coma #cover girl #transcendentalism #paris hilton
by Z train April 08, 2006
To play a football player no matter how bad a criminal offense the player committed. This was a strategy started by Tom Osborne at the University of Nebraska. It has since caught on by other programs though and is a common way to work out social problems and a troubled past of football players.
Man, did you hear that Duwayne Washington got caught selling marijauna? Do you think he'll play? I sure hope so. Hopefully, coach will give him a talking to and maybe suspend him for this week. Apply some football psychology and maybe some wind sprints. We sure need him once we start conference play though. Colorado is so much stronger this year!

Jesus! Did you hear Tyrell got convicted on rape charges?! He's way past working out his problems on the gridiron though! That nigga's gone for this season! No football psychology is going to help him out of this one, I'm afraid.

Did you hear that Jones sold his Heisman Trophy on E*bay and is stealing cars to support his meth addiction? He stayed about as clean as could be expected by his years at Nebraska. I guess that football psychology was good for four years though! That boy should have stayed in school and got a master's and PhD in football psychology!

#institutionalized violence #college football #date rape #nfl #gridiron counseling
by Z train March 04, 2006
The condition of the penis after fucking someone in their ass.
She didn't mind letting him get a little brown on his schweiger but not very often.

Man, I better hit the shower. I need to wash my brownschweiger.

I love her butt but that's the worst! I hate the brownschweiger! Nothing a little suds can't get rid of.

I sure won't fuck her pussy with this brownschweiger now! I don't want to give her a fucking UTI! That's all she needs!
#anal sex #cornholing #sodomy #liverwurst #braunschweiger
by Z train March 04, 2006
Somebody who's so ambivalent about something that they lose the distinctions between things.

A world of grays.

Nothing is black and white.

Ruled by situational ethics.
Man, that dude is so metrosexual I'll bet he'd even vote for Howard Dean!

#metrosexual #androgenous #metro #situational ethics #no distinctions
by Z train March 04, 2006
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