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Another name for an insanely large penis, whether it is from a male or a female. Used in reference to the size of the Boa constrictor snake, it is often shortened to "Cumstrictor".
1. (Girl to another girl): My boyfriend has a real Boa Cumstrictor between his legs!

2. (Girl to the owner): You cumzticto iz tazty!
#boa #cumstrictor #penis #dick #cock #large #sex
by Yuyu2809 February 02, 2011
Analysing Google new projects such as Google+ social network, Google Faps will probably be the next big porn portal.
Dude, I saw an amazing new gangbang over Rebecca Linares on Google Faps! I'll send it to you as soon as I clean my hands!
#google #faps #sex #porn #pron #site
by Yuyu2809 August 03, 2011
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