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An excellent branch of military that focusses on water-related operations often involving warships and submarines. Any large country with a water borderline MUST have a Navy and a Coast Guard. Some people make fun of the Navy, calling the Navy members gay. but these people are actually gay themselves and uncomfortable with their manhood in fear that these Navy guys are much stronger, tougher, smarter and more virile than them.
The British Royal Navy helped Britian conquer the world.

The Navy is full of smart, strong and brave men and women.
by Yusuf May 09, 2004
Used to address unknown persons(male) in Somali.
It means "Hey" in English.
Waryaa ninkow = Hey man
by Yusuf September 15, 2004
loser with a chicken dick
he has a chicken neck dick
by yusuf June 15, 2006

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