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1. A situation with bitches. 2. When a group of females all pretend to be friends but in fact they all hate each other, talk shit, doublecross, backstab and gossip. 3. When chicks make thinly veiled insulting remarks to each other while trying to maintain an otherwise friendly outward demeanor.
so-and-so told cheerleader she looked hot in her new outfit but then totally talked smack about her with what's her face and the ugly one. what a bitchuation.
by Yueng July 18, 2004
The act of getting with two or more asian chicks simultaneously.
After the party I went home with Esther and Grace, and got simultasian. I would totally moo goo gai DO that again.
by Yueng December 16, 2004
n. An extreme cockblocking. So severe that the intervenor ends up getting with the girl. What the fuck.
I thought things were going well... she was totally going to spossle my bossle, and then Tyler pulled a total cockfiscation. I hope she gave him venereal disease(s).
by Yueng December 16, 2004
1. The case in which the referent "Dan" is ambiguous, especially when there are two or more fellows named Dan. Coining innovative terms is necessary in this case. See example.
you: blah blah blah DAN blah
me: dude, you're being DANBIGUOUS. are you talking about Reno Dan? or Herrrmannooo? or Norwegian Champion?
you: blah blah blah fuck you
by Yueng February 04, 2005
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