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An aberration of rap and reggae, translated into vulgar Spanish. Sexually-oriented lyrics make Reggaeton extremely popular, but in the end, the people behind it have no talent, creativity, and NO SENSE OF RYTHIM.
A mi me gusta la gasoliiina... DAME MAS GASOLIIINA... (I like the gasoline? FTS!!!)
by Yue CG May 12, 2005
Study of religion applied to the truth of the world; opposes secular philosophy.

... Go philosopher! Theology won't find you any sort of truth.
Momma: Son, I've brought you a new pamphlet of the church... God blesses you, child.

Son: RAAAR!!!!! I are the sick of this theologist scam. Momma, I'm atheist! Go humanist, momma!
by Yue CG May 13, 2005
An elite field of study that, at a high level, counteratacks theology. Studies the why of our ways and the truth of our excistence to a level that is higher and more logical than religious explanations. Atheists and Humanists base their beliefs in philosophy, which has lead them to a mental state that is superior to that of the god-fearer.

In my writings (story to be known as "Brink Distorted"), Philosophy is a skill that belongs to the Black innate along with Physics; Yue and Kireila use Philosohpy versus White innates that use Theology.

DISCLAIMER: I hold nothing against religion, though I am a secular Humanist.
People's free will and aspirations cannot be limited by religion. Humanism will allow everyone to live in a world where age, race, and gender are meaningless.
by Yue CG May 12, 2005

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