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Very intense and rigorous sex involving deep penetration. when during intercourse a mans penis is so far in a woman that he can almost reach the inside of her belly button.
I swear everytime we are away from eachother for awhile you end up beatin guts.
by yourstruly April 26, 2006
An elastic condom so gnarly, only persons named Steve can use them.
Steve 1: One time, I heard a guy named Earl tried to use a pecker poncho! lmao!

Steve 2: I know! I was the one who took him to the hospital!

*Fist bump*
by YOURSTRULY August 16, 2012
Cute, very shy. Likes to talk about her ass often & loves guys with abs.
Hey what happened with you last night?

Nothing much, I just Gareen'd it all day.
by YoursTruly August 13, 2012
A women that, with her beauty and talent, used the warped and twisted cultural norms of our society to benefit herself. When all the rest of society is trying to do the same but the difference is they hate on her for her success, while she does none of it to them.
Stop being so fucking jealous of Britney Spears and go have like three plastic surgerys so that you can look as good as she does!
by yourstruly April 26, 2006

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