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The female version of a bro. Usually has a hair style that closely resembles a skunk. Peroxide blonde on top and black on the bottom. Native to the area of Southern California. Also known as So Cali. Not to be confused with the clothing brand So Cal, also worn by bro's and bro ho's. Other brands spotted on these creatures are Tapout (but you must be cool and spell it TapouT), 187 Inc, Silver Star, Skin Ind, Famous Stars and Straps, Infamous, SRH, MOB Inc (which doesn't make sense since MOB means Money Over Bitches, and these dudes date these airheads. And you wonder why you're broke...), or they wear a white wife beater with a black bra to look like white trash, or show everybody it must be laundry day. Bro Ho's can usually be spotted in a lifted truck, wearing white framed sun glasses and fixing their excessive amount of eyeliner and mascara in the rear view mirror. See: "How Accidents Happen". These trucks usually have a sticker that says So Cal either on the back window or across the top of the windshield. Other stickers seen are the "Devil/Angel" stickers which are two naked girls, one on each side, one with horns, one with a halo, SRH and TapouT stickers or something pink and anything with stars on it...lots and lots of stars. They think they can fight and these techniques usually consist of hair pulling and trying to poke you in the eye with their long, fake, acrylic nails. Be very cautious as these creatures may spit on you. If this happens and/or blood is drawn, seek medical attention immediately as you could contract herpes, aids, syphillis, gonorrhea and many other types of STD's. Their music is mainly made up of some pot head white guys trying to act black who make money off of trying to badly rap about weed and not knowing how to spell (SRH could not possibly mean Stoners Wreaking Havoc as "wreaking" is spelled with a W. Stay in school kids.) Better known as Kottonmouth Kings, or KmK, (again, cotton is spelled with a C!!) or Kingspade. Getting drunk, getting high and sleeping around are frequent pastimes for Bro Ho's. Along with trying to act like they know how to ride a quad and always talking about Lake Havasu, Glamis, Vegas or Laughlin. If you go to any of these destinations, a club, or a bar, these girls are usually found drunk and hanging all over the guy with tattoos, trying to get him to come home with her. Other aspects of bro ho's: breast implants, a child you don't know about until you go home with her, spoiled, lack of brain cells due to over processed hair caused by inhalation of ammonia and peroxide, and alcohol. Yes, alcohol does kill brain cells. So drink up you stupid bitches! The world needs retards to keep the rest of us on our toes!
Bro 1: Dude, I was driving in the 909 area the other day in my lifted truck after I got this gay ass tribal tattoo and a bro ho with skunk hair and a beer gut kept hitting on me.

Bro 2: Dude, I already hit that. So did your brother. And your dad.
by Yourmomtappedout August 11, 2008

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