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4 definitions by Your Eminence

The negative impact a beer drinker has on the beer supply at any given event or gathering.
Craig: Boy, Bubbie's really slamming them down tonight.
Joe: If he's not careful he'll drink the place dry.
Becky: Ya, he has no concept of his Carbon Beerprint.
by Your Eminence November 19, 2013
Beer consumed as part of a positive therapeutic activity.

Therabeer is generally consumed in significant quantities in the hours directly following a challenging day at work. Sessions involving Therabeer are proven to be most effective with a small group of co-workers to encourage commiseration between them, but also giving them ample opportunity to rip co-workers who are not present.
Craig: So did you hear the latest complaint from the guy in the next cubicle?
Bubby: Now what?
Craig: He says our cubicle stinks again.
Bubby: Damn. I suppose he went to the boss again.
Craig: Yea. Looks like we just got another smoldering stick in the eye.
Bubby: So now what do we do?
Craig: Call Jay. It's time to go out for some Therabeer.
by Your Eminence February 04, 2014
A male Ballerina who doesn't like being called a Ballerina due to it's inherent female connotation. Known as a Danseur in French. Known as a Ballerino elsewhere in Urban Dictionary.
(Observing the dance floor)

Dave: Boy, Bubby is really laying down some serious moves out there.
Jay: Yo, that boy is freestylin' full out!
Becky: If he would throw in a pirouette or two he could be one bad-ass Ballerinbro!
by Your Eminence January 02, 2014
One who tries to explain him or her self to a Jackass.

One who has to try to make sense of even the simplest concepts to someone else (a.k.a the Jackass).
Becky: So Joe, how did the management meeting go?
Joe: Pretty much same old, same old.
Becky: So did John go over the org chart again?
Joe: Of course. The first hour of the meeting was spent by John explaining his choices of the color of the arrows, thickness of the lines, and font used for each subordinate level.
Becky: (sounding aghast) You've got to be kidding!
Joe: Yeah it's true. Vince tried to point out to him that there might be bigger issues to discuss but finally gave up. He told me later that he is sick of being the Jackass Whisperer.
by Your Eminence January 14, 2014