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a person whose goal is to destroy a tornado before a tree starts to sway. by many such ways as planting a 5-ton charge in the twisters path and blowing it up, killing the tornado, or taking a laser and pointing at the tornado until the whole thing condenses.
Guy: that guy is a tornado fighter! he stopped an F5 tornado from destroying a town!
Guy 2: How?
Guy: After getting charged up the wazoo from his website getting farked, he created a 8-ton explosive charge and planted it RIGHT where the tornado was forming. then, he blew it up, stopped the tornado, and created a foot of rainfall from all the condensed clouds within a 500m radius. the Xplosion was cool, the rainfall, not as much
Guy 3: You guys talking about me? 'cuz i blew up that tornado
by your best idiot March 27, 2010
can mean
1: the best character in the animated comedy show, Family Guy
2: a delusional wide person
3: to think Jews are great with money, laugh at a word that homophonous with a word related to bathroom humor
4: to despise Canada, though is living IN Canada
5: to always laugh by repeatedly saying a word
1: yeah, do the Peter Griffin bump, CAN'T TOUCH ME!
2: see that guy over there, Peter Griffin material to me
3: Jews are great with money, to some it's their duty! heh heh, doodie. heh heh heh heh heh, diarrhea
4: Let's get that fuckwad for insulting Canada, eh?
5: heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh
by your best idiot April 16, 2010
when a person is going on a thefting spree and aims for a house they do not know is heavily armed
I saw a theif coming to my house so i gave him a theft fuck up by punching him down my steepest staircase and watched him die, shortly later i threw him in the garbage
by your best idiot April 09, 2010
something Cupid invented
i did not invent love
by your best idiot April 09, 2010
You say this when you kick something that's big and has the possibility to pwn sum1's nads
Guy 1: Hey dudes, check this! KOOPA SHELL! *kicks a rubber ball*
*Rubber ball pwns someone's nads*
Guy 2: Oooh sthhhhh! Aaaagh! my nads
Guy 1: Now u know y i said "Koopa Shell"
by your best idiot April 03, 2010
To use your legs to launch you off the ground, used to reach higher places
I can jump 2 feet into the air, then i kick my legs around. like Luigi
by your best idiot March 28, 2010
it means Right (the direction) because there can't be 2 Lefts
Person 1: Dude, the mens bathroom is on the left
Person 2: here?
Person 1: No man, the other left...
Person 2: ahhhh, i get it, you mean my right?
Person 1: yes...
by your best idiot March 21, 2010

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