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A present that a man may give to his girl friend. It is ill advised to give this gift unless you are as cool/cooler than Justin Timberlake. That way, if the girl doesn't like it, she can always find solace in the fact that you're cooler than Justin Timberlake, who is pretty cool in his own right.
Average Joe: Here I got this for you.
Girl: What is that?!? Is that your dick in a box? That is gross.
Average Joe: Why can't I be as cool as JT?!?!?!?!?!
#dick in a box #dick #box #justin timberlake #christmas
by Yorf January 28, 2007
A person who sells goods which may include, but are not limited to, tears, shrunken peoples, Bay Watch fan books, and various other odd job items.
Did you see that Gypsy?

I sure did. She shrunk that person and then sold him with the rest of her various goods!
#gypsy #borat #pamela anderson #sexy time #liquid explosion
by Yorf December 01, 2006
The appeal that attracts Jewish men to non-Jewish women. This can be reasonably explained by the fact that on average the typical non-Jewish woman is hotter than the typical Jewish woman. Another explanation is that there is an unexplained 'force' that drives Jewish men to find non-Jewish women more attractive even if they are objectively just as attractive as a Jewish girl.
David: Hmm, I think that Sara and Christine are both 7's.

Woody: Ya, but Christine is hotter, and I don't know why.

David: It's cause Christine's got mad shiksa appeal.
#jew #shiksa #shiksah #oy gevalt #elaine seinfeld
by Yorf January 06, 2007
Another name for a lollipop, except generally noting a lollipop that is very delicious
Boy is this poppilop super delicious. I wish I had an entire bag!
#lollipop #poppylop #insomnia #didacdic #incarcerate
by Yorf December 01, 2006
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