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16 definitions by Yhtomit

Abbrieviation of 'dude are you serious'. used occasionally in chat rooms.
1- I just sold a mob fone on eBay!
2- How much?
1- £300!
2- DRUS?!?
by Yhtomit December 03, 2006
Art which is, at some point in it's creation, is editted on a computer. As opposed to acoustic art, which is done by hand.
Guy 1 - Hey, look at this pic I just did.
Guy 2 - Wow, cool. Done on a comp?
Guy 1 - Yup, electric art ftw!
by Yhtomit July 29, 2008
Abbreviation of the phrase: 'totally pwned/owned

Can also be twnage: total ownage
I was watching some newbie on Runescape get in a fight with some Level 50 guy. He got twned!
by Yhtomit March 04, 2007
Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Military Guy: "Send in the UGVs!"
by Yhtomit April 15, 2006
1) An expert street thief, who has people buying his stolen goods.

2) Someone who makes/sells pirate copy DVDs, CDs, and other things like that.

3) To steal out of a bag, handbag, pocket, etc.
1) I'm going to get some stuff off the yanksmith.

2) The yanksmith in the Shopping Centre has the new FPS game from Nintendo.

3) Damn it! I've been yanksmithed!
by Yhtomit December 10, 2006
The unwritten law that says it is wrong for a boy to hit a girl without correct provocation.

Terms that can overpass this law:
Girl punching a boy
Girl cracking joke about race, religion, background or close relative
B: I'm gonna kill you!
G: You can't hit me, the B/G Law!
by Yhtomit December 03, 2006
Someone who really doesn't give a darn.
Ok, I haven't been listenning. I'm apathetic about the whole subject.
by Yhtomit December 10, 2006