Top Definition
twned is simply a mixture between "Treated" and "Owned"
pronounced "towned" rip off of pwned.
When your friend acts like a complete idiot and u slap him in the pretty much twned his ass

"Jeff you suck at life," *SMACK!!!*
by boredmorriskidzzzz November 18, 2006
Abbreviation of the phrase: 'totally pwned/owned

Can also be twnage: total ownage
I was watching some newbie on Runescape get in a fight with some Level 50 guy. He got twned!
by Yhtomit March 04, 2007
The same as getting pwned... except on twitter.
Dick: Did I just get pwned?

No you DICK your on Twitter you just got twned !
by SchwarzDOG April 14, 2011
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