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A symptom of non-specific or unknown origin accompanied by significant impairment or sudden unconsciousness.

Can also be used as a non-descript explanation in order to hide any illegal act that may have resulted in the medical condition.

This can be the result of any illness, drug induced state, alcoholism, assault or accident.

May show up on Ambulance Incident Reports as the diagnosis.
When the ambulance arrived the paramedics asked regarding an unconscious person and what happened. The person on the scene states. “Don't know, she just done fell out.”

When the police arrived and found a man unconscious with a bump on the head of the victim, they asked a nearby bystander who was holding a club, what happened. His response was "It was wierd, he just done fell out."

When rushed into the hospital, the nurse asked the brother of the patient, was she taking drugs before she fell unconcious. The brother answers, “Nawh, it aint like dat, she don fell out, tszhall.”

An elderly woman was found sitting incoherent on the ground surrounded by onlookers. When questioned, the group each answered the question of what happened using done-fell-out as a verb in a sentence. "We was walkin back from the grocery store (mini market), an ah the woman, well she done fell out, an then the guy came to help.
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
To be weighed down by the loser traits of a freind when trying to meet members of the opposite sex.

When you go to the bars with a freind and the friend not only cannot handle conversing with the opposite sex but requires passifying and baby sitting for some insecurty.
Friend 1: "Go on an talk to her!"
Freind 2: "Not yet, I am waiting to make my move. Uhmm, so my mom says if I am going to live at home, I have to pay rent. What a bitch!"
Freind 1: "Those girls are smiling at us. Come on. If you dont come I will go by myself."
Freind 2: "Dont go talk to them or I'll leave. Besides shes not that cute."
Freind 1: "Are you serious, she is a knock out.

Friend 2: "I feel sick, I am going home. You coming."

Freind 1: "We are fifty miles from home and you drove an hour to get here. Now you want to leave?!"

Freind 2: "So, my dad says if I mow the law, I get a reduction on the rent."

Friend 1: "Your turning 40 this month, the exercise from mowing will do you good. I'm going over to talk to her. Enough of this baby sitting."

Friend 2: "You obviously are not my freind like I thought or you wouldn't abandon me like this."
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
noun: A older than middle age regular bar slut.
adjective: having the qualities or orginating from a lounge lizard

A drunk woman who hangs out in bars is over 30 and has been tanning soo often that she resembles a dehydrated lizard. She has claw like boney hands that are decorated with rings from lovers she could never get to marry her before they discovered she is psyco and her slured drunken speach patterns are cyclical highs and lows to match her mood as she attempts to entice younger men with goods that have since passed their expiration date. Her shirt is usually open showing off an expensive braw that has been hand washed in motel sinks too many times and stretched skin from too many trips to the plastic surgeon.

Her call of the wild phrase can be heard above the din at bar closing time "What don't you like women?"
"He dude you and that lounge lizard - get a room or I'm gonna heave right here and now.

"Buy me a drink.", exclaims the lounge lizard as she bats here over painted false eye-lashes and one falls off into her drink.

Bar closing time comes and you are looking for you pathetic friend when you find him in the corner with a lounge lizard. She is intoxicated teetering back and forth with her hands stuffed in his front pockets. You pull him away and as you walk past the hords of people leaving the club you exclaim to your buddy "That lounge lizard left your fly open, better check for dentures."

"I was about to score with that chick." brags the young inebriated lad. In response his friend replies, "That lounge lizard is older than you mom's mom, has seen more cocks than a urinal in a football stadium and fumbled more balls than all the receivers in the league."
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
Noun: Someone who intentionally instigates trouble "for kicks" where there is none.
Adjective: An item or action attributed to an instaigator or physical kicking of shit.

Shit usually dries on the outside and stops smelling. A shit kicker will come along and kick the pile of shit exposing the moist inside raising a stink. This is comical to the shit kicker person who does it with intent of bothering others.
Little susy was sitting quietly playing with here dolls when billy came and tore the heads off of the dolls. Billy's mom states "You little shit kicker, quit bothering your sister and bring me my cigarettes."

You bring home your first date and you are feeling proud. Your begins kicking the shit when she leans over and says "I really surprised you would go out with my boy. He really should be dating sluts much younger than you."

Leroy was walking with friends and one friend looked down admiring the fancy cowboy boots stating, "Those are fancy shit kickers. Where di ya get em?"

Bubba has a crush on another guys. He intentionally bumbs a into the boyfriend and starts a fight. The girl states, "Your such a shit kicker Bubba."
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
1. An exclamation of recieving or nearly recieving a curse from above.

2. An accusatory statement or excuse for delivering or doing evil.


In Hebrew the word Hsus is horse, through translations from the Greek eh-sus became the modern Jesus.

The prophets predict that God would send a devine punisher horse (Hsus) if the Israel nation (Jews are a tribe of) fell and did not do the law that Moses delivered.

A horse that was born from the word via the consequences of rebelion against doing the law. (In hebrew rebelion is Mry - thus concieved from rebelion). If they did the law, there would be no horse.

It is written chose life or chose death, chose a blessing or chose a curse. Most of this hinges around a single God prohibiting the worship of more than one God or representing God as a man or woman form as well as anything below the seas, on the land or in the heavens.

Jesus however is claimed to be an incarnation man-form of God.

Jesus had no power of his own, but recieved it through a bolt of lightning in the shape of a dove when he went down into the valley of the dead. In contrast Moses walked up a mountain and had to remove his shoes because the land was holy ground and was not struct by lightning.

Jesus is also represented as a dead first begotten son (Israel) on a capital punishement cross.

Jesus only collected the fallen Jews (sinners and law breakers), to, as he put, it "burn up the chaf", "to bring war" and "to put an axe to the root of Israel".

He clearly states in correction of those who think he is the Messiah to bring peace, ingather the dispersed Jews and unite them preventing the temple fall, "I have not come to bring peace."

All of the things he states he is bringing are listed in the curses of the Old Testament and not in the messianic prophecies. The fall of the Temple that happened shortly afterwards is also in the curses.

The curses that Jesus is claimed by modern day followers to have been paid for in full and illiminated. Thus today you can hear people exclaim at the sight of what use to be considered a curse - "Jesus".
"Jesus!, how the hell can you say that about Jesus. I never read that he came to bring war."

"Jesus! its the cops pulling me over. I think I drank way too much."..."Help me God. Oh my God get me out of this".

"Jesus Christ! buddy. How could you be that ignorant? Are you touched in the head of something?"

"Jeeezzzusss! that lightning bolt was awfully close."

"What the b'Jesus! a bee flew up my arm sleeve and keeps stinging me."

"Jesus H Christ, bubba I just shot myself in the foot"

"Jesus made me do it. I hear his voice in my head so I done the bitch like he told me."

"Jesus, I'm Jesus dont you see?"

"Jesus Christ! thats freaky, this machine press malfunction almost took my head off."

"Jesus, I never saw them coming. I most have been day dreaming when I pulled into traffic without looking."

"Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!"..."Please God let the pilot get control of the plane".

"Jesus spared me, its a miracle I not dead, just a broken arm and some cuts when I was thrown 500ft, what a blessing I lost everything in the tornado and subsequent flash flood but I am alive. Praise Jesus I am so lucky!. Jesus! that was a close call"
by Yehoshua611 October 16, 2007
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