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Used to be a rolemodel for women when she was part of No Doubt, but now she is a poser who likes to dress ghetto, magic, "Japanese" and whatever else comes into her mind.

She owns four Japanese Harajuku girls, but for all I know, they're probably Chinese or something, 'cause they sure as hell don't dress Harajuku. Gwen Stefani likes to kill Japanese and Hispanic culture in videos such as "Rich Girl" and "Luxurious". She can't seem to notice that she has lost her original fanbase.
OMFG i wanna be jus lik gwen stefani and own 4 harajuku gals and sing heeheehehee!111!!!
by Yamini December 19, 2005
The sex between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain.
Wow, those hot gay sex scenes in Brokeback Mountain... holy shit.
by Yamini December 29, 2005
French for "with the animals". It usually means "to have sex with animals that are not human".
"I did my dog."
"You mean did it avec les animaux...? ew."
by Yamini December 19, 2005
The dance performed by Ashlee Simpson after her infamous screwup at Saturday Night Live.
"Oops... I just got caught lipsynching. Let's dance!" *does ho down*
by Yamini January 05, 2006
What Ashlee Simpson claims to have happened in the infamous SNL incident where she was caught lip-synching.
"Wasn't it hilarious when Ashlee simpson did the ho-down?"
"Acid reflux my ass!"
by Yamini December 19, 2005
Basically, see emo.
Boys who cry are so emo.
by Yamini December 19, 2005

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