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A variation of the classic Camaro which ceased production in 2002. The SS (or Super Sport) was similiar to the Z/28 except for the fact that it was modified by SLP Performance, who gave Chevrolet the idea to add give the Camaro a 320 HP version of the LS1 5.7l V8, this package included a forced-air induction hood with a lightweight fiberglass air scoop hood, a Torsen limited-slip performance axle, a modified exhaust system that sported dual 2 3/4-in tailpipes, a redisgned stylish rear spoiler, an upgraded suspension package to give the beast better handling, speed-rated P275/40ZR17 Goodyear Eagle Fl tires, 17-in which included lightweight cast-aluminum alloy wheels, an added power steering cooler, and the striking exterior SS badges that replaced Z28 logos and added a Camaro SS interior plaque to the dash. The engine was topped off with Quaker State Synquest synthetic engine oil to ensure engine protection and performance. The 6 speed manual transmission was an option on both the Z/28 and the SS....Which allowed the Camaro to see up to 27 MPG highway....something no V8 Mustang can claim.

The car, an ultimate experience to drive and own, is sure to use any Mustang or Ricer as a shop rag if given the appropraite modifications. The Pony Boys like to run their mouths about the LS1 and the Camaro, but the only way they can keep up is by spending 5,000 to 20,000 more on a GT500. However, by placing that extra money into an LS1, you can be sure to park in the winner's circle on race day.

The only people that Camaro SS drivers respect include Chevrolet Truck owners, other Camaro SS owners (Z/28's are left to the discretion of the actual driver himself), Corvette Drivers, and Trans Am drivers (if permittable by the driver himself).
That Camaro SS has better features than the Mustang, gets better gas-mileage, and could smoke it on the track. Why do Pony boys even run their mouths?
by Yabba Dabba Doo March 29, 2008
Rice Patroling is something that only Domestic Car owners can do. Though cars such as the Camaro and Corvette do it best, Mustangs are also permitted to participate in rice patroling. It involves the owner of the muscle car or other domestic automobile driving to his or her destination and shutting down every ricer he sees by 1) Revving at the ricer who gives no response 2) Tapping the roof of his or her car when a ricer is around 3) Plain talking shit to the ricer at a stop light (this includes giving the ricer the bird) or 4) Stomping the ricer in a race to the point where the ricer simply stops racing or pulls a U-Turn in order to avoid the humiliation of being beaten so badly. Rice Patrol can be done on your way to the grocery store or just carried out when you feel like racing. It can be done at any time, but can only be carried out by cars respectable enough to do it. Stock V6 domestics are not allowed to conduct Rice Patrol unless it is on a ricer of lesser value. Who buys a V6 muscle car anyways? Get real.
There's a group of Hondas up there at the Wal-Mart parking lot; looks like it's time for some Rice Patrol.
by Yabba Dabba Doo May 29, 2008
Contrary to populat belief, a Pony Boy is actually a boy or man that drives a Mustang and is under the misunderstanding that their car is faster than every other thing on the road. Pony Boy's rivals include Camaro drivers, Trans Am drivers, and Corvette drivers. Occasionally they will be beat by a ricer (aka Honda, Acura, or anything with a tailpipe big enough to fit a grapefruit into) which is worse than a Mustang, but only by a small amount.
Yesterday I went up to Wendy's and saw a couple Pony Boy's standing around talking about the APC parts they recently purchased from Autozone to put into their Mustang. One of the Pony Boys even had neon underglow lights.
by Yabba Dabba Doo April 15, 2009
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