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4 definitions by YUGYAG

reverse of gaygay. Means a closet gay guy
He is not out, he is a yugyag.
by YUGYAG April 12, 2008
plethora of terms used by gays, while chatting with each other. Terms, such as Top, Bottom, rimming, etc...

What kind of gay are you? Don't you know what a top or a bottom is? Haven't anybody told you about gaybulary?
by YUGYAG April 22, 2008
a closet guy's online confessions about his sexuality to other gay people without disclosing his identity.
whats the talk of the town?

Havent you heard this closet yagging his pants off!
by YUGYAG April 13, 2008
a closet gay guy, telling about himself on the net, without disclosing his identity
Many guys YAG on gay sites about their gay experiences under false names.
by YUGYAG April 13, 2008