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(Noun) Brand of beer locally brewed in Ocean City, MD, known for causing panties to drop when administered in excessive amounts. Also good for lubricating dry twister boards, decorating local advertisements, and encouraging the use of power tools in a non-productive (typically dangerous) manner.
Dude...When I pulled out DeBalls the other night, she jumped on me like a fat kid opening presents outside Denny's!!
by YOtts March 09, 2009
R.F.I. stands for "Real Fucked Up"...

Yes, we know its not R.F.U...That's how fucked up it is!!

When you have a situation that is sooo fucked up, even the acronym has to follow suit, it's R.F.I.
Dude, I can't believe Paul did that to us AGAIN!! That's R.F.I.!!
by YOtts March 11, 2009
1. Location of a group of famous coffee-shops in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, near Warmoesstraat, on either side of "Filth Alley". The Bulldog Coffee-Shops are self-known for their "Original Coffee-Shop" claim, but locally known for overcharging tourists for their overpriced, substandard marijuana.
"Dude...I was trying to find that hooker you dropped the Angry Dragon on, but I got trapped in the Filth Alley Bulldogs, and ended up running away like a Screaming Chicken!"
by YOtts October 20, 2008

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