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24 definitions by YES

How the gay kid down the hall pronounced "Pepper Steaks"
"These peppa thteakth is devine - all they need is a little peppa"
by yes October 01, 2003
A noise that someone makes when they have spotted an extremely large breasted african woman in the jungle who is in the act of smothering someone with her large breasties.
by Yes August 29, 2003
A small Yellow snack made from the finest white dog poo collected by night from the streets of Leytonstone
Ask Dez
by Yes August 05, 2003
A hat which is also bonded to a cat by mases of superglue and sticky tape.
Oh my god! look at that HATERTAT!
by Yes June 24, 2003
An accronym for 'Babs the Ejaculating Cow'
I asked BTEC if i could borrow his copy of Primal Fear
by Yes January 13, 2005
n.1.a completely incoherent and sudden expression. 2. a blurted phrase or word that has nothing to do with the subject on hand
v. 1.to utter something that has nothign to do with anything in the subject 2. to drop your pants in a public lockerroom.
n. the belt that henry shouted made no since at all
v. he belted in the lockerroom
by yes June 27, 2004
a country in Europe
Slovenia is Slovenia
by YES May 01, 2004