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An embarrasing situation when you trip in your wallabees. A wallafail is most often when the rubber in the front of the shoe bounces while walking causing the person to awkwardly stumble.
I had three wallafails just walking to class! Damn these new wallabees.
#wallabee #swag #fail #trip #awkward
by YBbloggers January 26, 2010
When someone notices a person with less swag than them and has the opportunity to swaggerbang that person, but chooses to spare them. Reason for swaggersparing may include the fact that the better looking person is usually the victim of swaggerbanging.
Josh so could have swagger banged Blaire today. Her swag was off with her hoodie and jeans, but Josh was lookin fresh in his crisp polo. But because Blaire is usually such a hottie he decided to let this one slide and swaggerspare her. Laura was less kind and repeatedly swaggerbanged Blaire with various Swagger daggers.
#swagger #swag #swagger dagger #swaggerbang #swaggavirgin
by YBbloggers January 26, 2010
An insult formed from the combination of the words 'twat' and 'clit'.
She trolls for taken boys, she is such a twit!
#slut #lesbo #bitch #twat #clit
by YBbloggers November 09, 2009
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