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The very end of a joint where it starts getting harsh
"Dude, that was a fat doobie but i fear we have hit the tokes of hazzard"

"True my friend, i shall roll another....Fetch the doritos"
by Xyphious August 20, 2007
A term used to describe the general pain and suffering felt the next morning after a particularly rough night
Guy: hey man, you have a good one last night?

Guy2: yeah, but I feel utterly shawshanked this morning *bleurggh*

Guy: ....mate
by Xyphious November 19, 2009
Typical Cockney (East London) slang for generally feeling happy and upbeat
"even though i lost a leg in Vietman i remain suprisingly chipper about the whole thing"

"I've had no coffee this morning, i feel far from chipper"
by Xyphious May 28, 2008

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