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an erection obtained for no reason other than the fact that the obtainee was too damn high
Look at Ronnie! He's so fuckin' high he's got a stoner boner!
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 23, 2005
related in meaning to narb, this is a more specific variety of boner which occurs when a person is so tired and/or bored that to increase blood flow and activity level, the body acquires an erection as a form of stimulant to heighten alertness
"So anyway, I was sitting around, you know, not doing anything, like watchin VH-1 or somethin gay like that, then all of the sudden, I get this thick boredom boner. It was alright, though, because it forced me to move around and adjust my junk. After that I actually went to the bank and grocery shopping. What a productive day, if only for that boredom boner..."
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 25, 2005
1.concerns a person who is a complete loser or bitch, can pertain to either a person's monetary worth or a person's significance
2.similiar in meaning to (1.), but in this case with regard to a thing, stating that said thing is of little to no worth
1."I can't stand that broke ass Rick. He never shows up when he says he will."
2."My car is totally broke ass. It sounds like I'm driving a lawnmower."
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 25, 2005
From 2Pac's rap classic "How Do U Want It." In it, 'Pac says "I'm hittin' switches on bitches like I been fixed with hydraulics." The phrase means that you make all the nastiest, smoothest moves when it comes to sexin' your lady of choice. For added effect, many times one might pretend to be flipping switches and make a variety of sounds that might be heard on a car with hydraulics, because that "bitch" was bouncing up and down and putting on quite the show. Well done.
"When I was breaking in that one trick from the bar last night, I was hittin' them muhfuggin switches, boy!"
by xyourxworstxnightmarex February 01, 2005
The sweat produced as a result of intense physical effort by the nutsack, either sexually or through sports, as opposed to normal nut sweat that occurs during everyday wear and tear.
After that pick-up game of basketball at the YMCA I needed to change my shorts because they were soakin' wet with smagma.
While I was bangin' that skank I was gettin' so heated that my nasty balls were covered in smagma.
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 23, 2005
the act of pulling an erection under the waistline so as to avoid detection
When I had to get up answer the question on the chalkboard I did a waist tuck so that Mrs. Michael wouldn't see that I was sportin' a fatty.
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 23, 2005
the erection that one may obtain when delaying the need to urinate too long; a body defense mechanism that encourages urination and prevents bladder and kidney damage
I don't have time to go to the fuckin' bathroom, but I gotta get rid of this business boner!
by XyourXworstXnightmareX January 23, 2005
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