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the best song on greenday's album 21st century break down. it is a fucking amazing song and you can suck my balls "Zallomallo" you obviously dont know anything about music and you are a fucking poser who thinks you know what you are talking about.
21 guns is an awesome song.
by Xx_charlitos_xX February 15, 2011
probably the best metal album in this world and any others. featuring the songs:

over the mountain
flying high again
you cant kill rock and roll
little dolls
and of course, DIARY OF A MAD MAN (wich is the best fucking song in the world next to hallowed be thy name by iron maiden. seriously i cant express how awesome this song is. and it has the best lyrics of any song ever written. the sheer genius of this song cant be compared to anything in existence.) any ways this is the best albim ever by ozzy . it is universally recognized as an icon of heavy metal. and anyone who disagrees can suck my balls.
if you font like diary of a madman then you can come suck my balls and die a slow and painful death.
by Xx_charlitos_xX February 15, 2011

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