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A term that refers to the process of getting on Youtube and finding yourself falling into an endless circle of video watchin. The process is caused by seeing an interesting video title on the side under the "More From" tab. Resulting in an rediculous amount of time spent on Youtube watching pointless vidoes, when you could be doing something useful with your time.
Man 1- "So last night I went to watch a WKUK video and ended up watching everyone of their videos, and then some, I spent 4 hours straight on Youtube."

Man 2- "Wow, that sounds like an intense night of Youtube Diving."
by XxUrbanGodxX February 26, 2010
A person who always finds themselves finding whichever song is #1 or close to that as their new "favorite song". These people only listen to whichever songs are at the tops of charts at said time. Generally meaning they have no creativity in the music they listen to.
Megan -OMG!! My new favorite song is "Eenie Meenie" by Justin Beiber.

Levi - Wow Megan is such a 'music bandwagoner'...that song JUST hit the top of the charts.
by XxUrbanGodxX April 12, 2010
1) A different form of the word jack ass....simplier put for those that do not feel the need to curse in a certain situation...wether it be around someone who might take the cursing offensively.. or to say jack ass in a much lighter tone.
2) When referring to something that is gigantic and/or realllyyy huge.
You're such a Jack Anus, but i love you anyways...
by XxUrbanGodxX October 19, 2009

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