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The PartyPaddle is a patented wooden shot glass serving paddle, bundled with six mini-mug shot glasses. Commonly used to serve your friends or customers shots of alcohol.
You: Last night we brought out the PartyPaddle, lined it with ice cold shots, and got trashed.

Me: Yeah I know, it was awesome! Especially when your girlfriend flashed everyone from on top of the bar.

You: Hmmm??
by Xx-JC-xX January 25, 2009
The invisible instrument that your friends or collegues play for you when you sound like a little bitch.
You - Dude, how in the fuck does my boss expect me to do all of this bullshit for him on such short notice?

Me - <<playing an invisible violin>>

by Xx-JC-xX October 14, 2009

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