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An older male with whom you associate as your adopted father. Teenage girls tend to have many father figures in their lives if they are lacking a father or have an issue with their own, actual father.

This also commonly leads to infatuation with older men who are father figures, be it theirs or in general.
Friend 1: Oh, I never had a decent father...
Friend 2: You have father issues?
Friend 1: Yeah. It means I now have a father figure...
by XrayCrystallography August 28, 2011
Chemist I'd Like to Fuck.

Yes, there is definitely a lot of chemistry going on. The practical sort.
Person 1: "Have you seen that guy use NMR spectroscopy?"
Person 2: "I understand completely. I'd say either he is a CILF, or he's completely hijacked my serotonin receptors."
by Xraycrystallography August 23, 2011
A game played amongst friends with the simple rule of yelling out: "I'd rape that!" in the general direction of whomever they are looking up/undressing with their eyes/flirting with.

The consequences come into play when they do not yell loud enough for people in the general vicinity to stare, and involves buying others a round of drinks.
Person 1: *stares at a hot chick* "I'd rape that."
by XrayCrystallography August 23, 2011
Usually a charmer, but one of a dangerous nature. Attractiveness is subjective, as it usually is. Tends to be quite intelligent, however that does not disclose anything about their mental capacities nor their ability to judge social situations.
The name Allan is now more popular amongst the older generation, thus most Allans would be approaching mid-life, if not already beyond.
Person 1: "So, who was that person flirting with someone half their age?"
Person 2: "Oh, it must have been Allan."
by XrayCrystallography August 23, 2011

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