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2 definitions by Xr8ed

combination of emo and douche bag. some one who thinks there life sucks because they've pushed all their friends outta their life. Always complains about everything untill they are the center of attention and everyone takes pitty on them. A combination of the two worst ppl in your group of friends. A married guy that bitches cause all his friends are entering relationships
michael:god rickey is so emo today

albert: yeah plus he's been tivo'ing jersey shore

michael: really

albert: yeah what an emo bag
by Xr8ed November 12, 2011
1. Poop that is dry and hard. hurts like hell to pass.

2. A small turd, hard and dry, fed to a misbehaving dog or pet.
1. "I took a dump biscuit that still hurts!"

2. "Here boy, want a dump biscuit?"
by Xr8eD April 15, 2014