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something that is both cute and creepy at the same time
I know he's stalking me, but he looks so damn creute when he does!
by XonyMudd June 13, 2011
Refers to a person in a relationship who doesn't "put out." Typically it is a woman who does not want to have sex even in a committed relationship, but it can also refer to a guy not pleasing his woman or not committed to the relationship.
Dude: Man, my girl totally refuses to have sex with me.
Dude's Friend: Well we know who wears the chastity belt in the relationship!
by XonyMudd July 23, 2010
Morning + Afternoon

A generic greeting for used during the day, primarily used online particularly when communicating with others in different time zones than yourself.
I greet both my West Coast and East Coast buddies with mornoon.
by XonyMudd October 16, 2009
Afternoon + Evening

A late day greeting used for people in different time zones or a generic afternoon/evening greeting for use online
g2g, I'll PM you in the aftning
by XonyMudd October 15, 2009

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