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Vincent or Vinny as he is known is very, very good looking. He usually judges people before he gets to know them. If someone has a crush on him that he doesn't like the look of, he'll automatically ignore them and turn against them for no aparant reason. Other then this, he is a funny guy with his friends, and he is very popular with the ladies.
Girl 1 - "Do you think Vincent's good looking?"
Girl 2 - "He's alright."
Girl 1 - "I don't fancy him but i think he's really good looking."
by Xgreendayandparamore June 21, 2010
Lee is a very nice, friendly guy. He has many friends. He isn't very good looking but he isn't ugly. He has a great personality. Well known for his love of football and music, Lee can be very random at times and loves to have a good time.
Me - Yo Cat !
Lee - Yo Dog !
Me - Are you babysitting baby yog today ?
Lee - Yesh ! HeHe ! How is cute yog ?
Me - Cute yog is sexyyyy ! ^^ (;
by Xgreendayandparamore June 21, 2010

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