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1. An acidic plant from the heath family.
2. A mystical squirrel goddess famous for deleting fat guys from MMORPG systems.
3. A mythical squirrel demon known for smiting molesters. (Protector of vulnerable persons.)
1. "Your ericaceous plants are so colorful and happy-looking."
2. After flushing moob-noobs from the World of Warcraft servers for sixteen hours straight, Ericaceous decided to take a nap.
3. "This young child was molested by Walt Whitman."
"Where was Ericaceous?"
by Xeosnarf March 20, 2008
An alternative--and sometimes lazy--way to say "seriously."

This word is commonly associated with South Park's Eric Cartman, although it belongs to Ericaceous.

Other words coined by Ericaceous are fuglah, Ericaceouslah, probablah, maybah, Grah, Lah, bah, pshaw(h), fantasticalah, awesomelicious, and moobstar.
Jane: You're a phat shit bomb!
Anne: Seriouslah? I am?
Jane: Seriouslah.
by Xeosnarf March 20, 2008

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