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A colloquial phrase signifying an overlooked state of demand, exigency, or indispensability addressing to one's response to oppression, selfless dedication, or inadequacy of a type of necessity.
See Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
"I work 10 hours a day, 7 days a week with minimum wage so i could feed my children and send them to school. I have needs too."

Girlfriend: "How come we never do it?"
Boyfriend: "Cause, you know about my disorder. You know.. down there."
Girlfriend: "I have needs, you know. Do you want me to go fuck some other nigga?"
by Xent November 23, 2007
A word to respond to something shocking or unexpected, or something you really dont care about.
Often replied with a comeback, "Shit no"
A: OMFG! I found some mexicans snorting coke inside the freezer of apple bee's!
B: No shit??
A: Shit no!

A:Dude your car rides and handles great!
B:Thats exactly what your mom told me last night.
A:No shit?
B:Shit no!!
by Xent November 29, 2005
(n, college/internet slang) An unshaved genitalia, especially relating to the external vagina.
A very hairy pussy.
A primate's vagina.
Some album by a Swedish band named Entombed.
Are you giving me a blowj-- Oh my god thats your vagina.

A:That new French girl's hot.
B:Yeah, well i heard she owns a monkeypuss.
A:A what?
B:You know.. down there...
A:Oh i get it.
by Xent December 10, 2006

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