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Talking to your self in the bathroom in a manner that others may find creepy or uncomfortable. This also includes Yelling to yourself. Yelling may Happen while engaged in Hand to Gland Combat
Guy 1: "Did you hear That guy in there? He was saying all kinds of weird things"
Guy 2: "Like What?"
Guy 1: "He Kept on saying 'I'm Sorry' after I heard a smacking noise. He also said other things such as 'This is working 101%' and 'Follow the ninth leader!'
Guy 2: Oh yea, I think I heard that same guy telling a medeval fairy tale to himself once. He was definatly following the 9th Leader.
by Xenjaq June 23, 2006
Somone with a small penis. Their Penis is therefore refered to as a stub. Being A stubby Goo often runs in the family. They also often try to act tough in defense to bieng called a stubby goo.
Guy 1: "Yo, Did You See andrew in the locker room today?"
Guy 2: "Yea, hes got such a stub."
Guy 1: "Haha, I heard his brother's got one too."
Andrew: "Hey, are you guys calling me a stubby Goo? I should Kick your asses!"
Andrew's Mom: "Come on Andrew, time to come home. It's Almost your bed time."
Guy 1 & Guy 2: "Hahahahhahahaah"
by Xenjaq June 23, 2006
The "drug" thats many emo kids take to "trip" on. They then proceed to brag about it in school.
Emo kid: "Hey man I was totally trippin on robo last night. It was sick."
Other Kid: "No u werent, its robotussin, ur not cool."
Emo Kid: "Yo, I totally was, I was freaking out."
Other kid: "Shut up and tell ure wrists to stop bleeding on me."
by Xenjaq June 25, 2006

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