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When someone is tsunami shamed, their problems, big or small, are shot down immediately on the premise of ''At least you haven't suffered a tsunami''. It's hard to tell whether this is supposed to be comforting or or whether the person is playing the douche on purpose.
Two examples of tsunami shaming:

John: Hey Bob, what's up?

Bob: It's been a rough week. My dog got hit by a car, one of my parents lost their job, and I got a cold just in time for the finals.

John: Yeah, well, at least your house isn't three miles from where it used to be. Toughen up.

Linda: I heard you were moving to an apartment, Jane.

Jane: Yeah, my family's house is getting foreclosed on, we have to be out within a month. The only place I can afford is really small and seedy. I feel more sorry for my kids than myself.

Linda: Stop bitching, a least they'll have a roof over their heads, UNLIKE THE TSUNAMI VICTIMS!!!
by Xaya March 22, 2011
A d-bag. He is a self-centered know it all, usually with little or no talent. A wannabe rapper, he thinks everyone is interested in the most intimate details of his life. He never shuts up. Sterlings talk a lot about being from 'the 'Hood' but in fact have a middleclass suburban background.
Sterling: Yo wassup dawg, I'm, like, totally doing something amazing today, and my cousin is such a faggot, and you know what? I took a piss this morning! That's how we roll in the 'hood!

Somebody Else: Do you want to die?
by Xaya March 17, 2011

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