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The act of smoking a 120mm cigarette. Something every woman should be doing.
Abby is a real woman, she her smoking 120s?
by Xathian November 12, 2009
Widely used by AoCtards who can't spell Pompous.
"You honestly sound like a pompos 14 year old."
by Xathian May 26, 2008
A 120mm long cigarette, such as Virginia Slims or Capri. Designed mainly for women.
Michelle: Hey, I need a smoke, can I get one?
Mary: I've got Marlboro Lights.
Michelle: What the hell, you're a chick, smoke bitch sticks like you should.
by Xathian May 28, 2009
Someone who must absolutely never find out about your girlfriend
John: I'm with you because I love you, I'm married to my wife because she has money.
by Xathian May 31, 2009
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