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adj. Refers to a forum moderator (mod) or someone in a similar position that deletes posts excessively. Often, the posts in question were perfectly valid, and so "delete-happy" reflects an abuse in power, a want to censor a particular viewpoint, or both.

Etymology: From the phrase "trigger-happy" that means "to pull the trigger of a gun excessively" or any metaphorical derivations of thus.
The delete-happy mod completely removed the valid topic about abortion.
by Xapheus November 15, 2006
(2006) adj. Most recent derivative of the tight, cool, awesome, groovy family of words. Specifically refers to something positive or hip. Like the word cool, crisp can also act as a method to break silence, or assert acceptance.
She's so crisp because everyone likes her.

Your guitar fills the air with a crisp vibe.

"Are we crisp?" "Yes, we're crisp."

"I want to try to be a movie star." "That's crisp!"

by Xapheus April 24, 2006

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