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Firstly I wouldn’t really advise you to visit Swansea.. It’s hardly HELL, but I’ll admit it can be shit!

Facts : It’s quite a small city in South West Wales,
about just over half hour away from Cardiff by car,

Over all it’s not the worst place to live in the UK, It’s pretty safe & some people are ‘tidy‘ and have good manners if your nice to them.

..However it has very little to offer, like haven’t been no jobs for a while, So I wouldn’t advise to move here, and over the past 10 years the shops & clubs/pubs have gone very tatty and rough looking as everything is pretty much original there, but then again outside the city it’s self there are quite nice parts, e.g. Mumbles & The Gower, they both offer nice scenery I guess, & tourists do go here, you can go also surfing down the Gower, the Waves aren’t that bad, but then again nothing special,

It's not a very attractive city, but Wind Street always has something to offer it's people if they are bored on a Saturday night, and need a drink after work, however old you may be, and it‘s usually pretty busy & full of people from Neath & Llanelli also.

You'd be very lucky to meet someone with a full-time job in Swansea,
most people there work 2-3 silly shifts a week, and claim a benefit or maintance or dole of some sort, & they claim to be too ‘ill’ to work and likely to be single parents, it‘s pretty bad here for teenage pregnancies.. One of the worst places in the UK actually.

I wouldn’t say it’s known for violence, & could be worse on drugs, it’s around, but it’s pretty discreet, but if you do want drugs try the High Street..

Another bad point is it’s well known for car thieving in parts of Swansea, You be lucky to keep your wheel trims for a year & un-vandalised..

People who were born and raised in Swansea, can either have a very sweet settled slightly welsh sounding accent or sound so incredibly rough.. Depends on if you were raised to speak like a ‘Mush’.

& most of the guys who live here, take a lots of steroids, & the girls always are caked from chin to forehead in foundation usually three shades to dark for them, and have terribly D.I.Y. layered hair, which most girls have they’re hair coloured jet black or burgundy or highlighted, Also many people deny the fact they use a sun bed 3-4 times a week. Again & in denial some of the lads use them too to achieve this ‘spice boi’ look..

Swansea for you in a nutshell..
In Convo:

'I can't wait for my gyro to come through, we can all go out and get pissed down Windstreet with Dai,Eddy & Gareth!

Then fuck knows, where we'll end up in Swansea, Defatti Flats do ya?

''I said Oh Mush FUCK OFF who do you think you are
Don’t you look at me like that I’ll do your fucking car
I said Oh Mush, FUCK OFF who do you think you are
Don’t you look at me like that I’ll do your fucking car

So I’m standing there picking up my teeth when the landlord comes around
Oh you little bastard he said you owes me 40 pound
He throws me up against the wall and tries to grab my giro
So I kicked the bastard in the balls and stabbed him with my biro and said Oh Mush FUCK OFF who do you think you are Don’t you look at me like that I’ll do your fucking car I said Oh Mush FUCK OFF who do you think you are
You money grabbing bastard, I’ll do your fucking car. '' (8)

Often Sang by annoying little Chavs around Swansea.
by Xaninnit January 31, 2009

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