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Very talented, but reputedly lazy NBA forward for the New York Knicks. Polished, effortless scorer that keeps a level head in high stakes games, but frequently only shows up on the offensive end of the floor. Flashed his full potential during the 08-09 playoffs, but isn't always inclined to use it. Blew up what had the makings of a tough, talented team in the Nuggets with Billups with his demands to join the Knicks (which has a reputation for questionable decisions). Will have to find a way to tailor his game to Mike D'Antoni's all-offense playbook, which hasn't gotten anyone to NBA title yet. On-the-floor-gifts suggest hall-of-fame potential, but may not be mixed with the work ethic needed to fully use them.
Carmelo Anthony looked like he'd eaten to many marshmallows before the game he was late to, but still dropped 42-15 plus a game winner on Dirk Nowitski in the game.
by XCellente July 28, 2011

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