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Dried up clumps of soap on the nozzle of a liquid soap dispenser.
I cant wash my hands in the kitchen because of all of the soap boogers on the dispenser.
by XCchamp January 03, 2009
something that you have absolutely no use for that the person down the street has been desprately looking for.
I found out that Jim needed a book on fireworks before sunday, or he was going to be fired. Good for him that I had the hooblaboobler. Bad for him that I wasn't going to give it to him.
by XCchamp November 04, 2008
A living sock that will explore the house when no one is home and hide itself in improbable places to find a sock.
I finaly bought a cage for my wandering sock. Last time we were out it snuck into the toaster!
by XCchamp June 17, 2009
When you buy a piece of furniture, fibblechips are the strange misshapen pieces in the box that don't fit on the appliance and often don't even appear on the assembly instructions
Crap! what's wrong with my couch! And what are all these other parts! Did I miss a step putting it together or are these just Fibblechips?
by XCchamp June 16, 2009
The action of running straight into a glass door that you were sure was open right before you hit it.
Me: Get back here! I'm gonna kick your a..WHACK!!!
Friend: hah, Glass splash! Epic fail.
by XCchamp June 17, 2009

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