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People who spend the whole year eating like there is no tomorrow, however, they rationalize it by convincing themselves that they will join the gym after new years. Also known as CHUB CLUB. By mid-january they are nowhere to be found.
Gym rat to gym rat: Gosh I hate it right after New Year's when all the January Joiners come in and take up all the machines!

Later in February: Thank God the chub club is gone and we can use the precor during peak hours
by XBevil January 19, 2006
Verb. Bothering, nagging, crushing, extreme care/occupation with someone you are jealous or in love with. What someone does when they have a deep crush on you, that it becomes annoying. In love, obsessed with another so much to a fault. The person stating it disrespects, dismisses the person who sweats them.
Tina says mean things to me because she sweats me. Boy to girl who likes him: she calls me all the time, she sweats me.
by xbevil July 16, 2005
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