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Boring, bland, uninteresting
that game is yawnage
by X3R0 July 19, 2006
An emo kid smiley.
I'm so emo my wrists cut themselves (///_-)
by X3R0 August 03, 2006
The plural of virus, Viri may not be the correct way to pronounce the plural of virus but many non-words are used on the internet!
Crap I'm infected with viri
by X3R0 September 22, 2006
Something complete irc lamers say, because "lol" just isn't kewl enough and Laughing Out Louds actually makes sense to them
<noob> i completly pawned this n00b on CS lols im so kl
<retard> lols
by X3R0 May 13, 2006

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