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said when one is on a low after the initial high after consumption of any number of substances
im blisted out my mind
by X-sTaTiK November 04, 2004
said when one is leaving a gathering or any other event that has become dull, boring, or lame
man, i out dis piece
by X-sTaTiK October 26, 2004
(not to be confused with redux)
1: Another way to say remix

2: A way to say reduce

3: A stylin new talent from the 919
1: "Check out this Dr. Octagon Redeux

2: "He got redeuxed to nothin"

3: "That MC Redeux is pure fire"
by X-sTaTiK March 28, 2005
the illist phrase there is
A:man you get dat
B:fo shaganoff
by X-sTaTiK February 04, 2005

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