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A descriptive word, slang pronounciation of the word 'Goth' or Gothic' used by juvenile delinquents in the U.K known as Chavs, Neds, Townies, Kevs and any other undereducated folk that cannot grasp the Egnlish language. Used to label those whom express themselves without designer logos, wear black and/or listen to alternative types of music.
Chav: 'Fecking goff. Ugly mingers'
Chav2: 'I can be a goff. Jus' slit me wrists and hate everyone.'
Chav1: 'If you be a goff I will chin ya.'
by Wynter June 18, 2005
Clat bang is when you have shit in between your toes while your girlfriend is sucking them
Eww I have clat bang from sucking my boyfriends toes
by wynter December 19, 2013
The Brown marks left on Hazards teeth
Brush your teeth mark, you've got shit stains from those gay porn movies youve been making
by Wynter December 13, 2003

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