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in the group of friends ... there will always be one that thinks a "sex on a stick" has to be ..... long haired greasy and fat ..... ( wouldnt be suprised if you could cook them in a deep fat frier.... without havin to add extra grease) longer nails than normal or any girl known to man. hangs penguins of a unwashed hat. smells jus as bad as his room which he could never leave cos hes sweats in sun light .... trust me ... this is dangerous.

and when they say they hav been laid and are extremly large in some areas ...... dont believe them cos they are jus pullina callum!

A callum gets far too excited at the slightest of girl attention and proves while his waist is large,his penis isn't.
will never EVER get laid cause he would cause the girl to into a coma from the sheer trauma and pyschological damage.
he causes every girl who tries to have a conversation with him physical pain because he is so retarded and annoying.
"oh...how is Rosie?"
"in the Hospital"
"OH NO! why??"
"well..you know her boyfriend?"
"he's a callum"
by WykeDykesbaby February 10, 2010

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