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When a girl is bangin', hot, beautiful, "A perfect ten."
Jess is a fucking dime piece, bro.
by Wordsmith February 06, 2003
a phrase commonly used to show disapproval or disdain towards another individual or comment.
person A: Yo dude check out this crackin ass shirt i got.

person B: you still got a busted ass grill!

person A: nigga please
by wordsmith January 21, 2004
1.noun- an abrasive or loud mouth.
2.verb- to talk incessantly without purpose.
3.adjective- meaning overly loud, annoying,or abrasive.

Generally from the German word mund
for mouth.
1. noun - You shoot that mund off too much.
2. verb- If you continue to mund at us, we'll have to drop you off somewhere.
3. adjective- You've been so mund all night that our ears are tired.
by Wordsmith January 17, 2005
similar to slowing your roll, calm your wow is used when the person is irradic or more excited than necessary.
A- Holy shit, man! I can't believe she actually talked to me. I think I'm in love man. I gotta tell her. This is like the best night of my life.
B- Damn, kid. Calm your wow.
by wordsmith December 17, 2004
Being drunk to the point of belligerance...either physical or otherwise...an altered state of mind where everything is possible.
Dogg, did you see george with that fat bitch who has a boyfriend?

Yea man, that nigga is bellige.
by wordsmith January 21, 2004
a vagina that has seen its fair share of cock and whose appearance is comparable to pastrami.
Did you eat that bitch out?

Naw man i'm allergic to pastrami.
by wordsmith January 21, 2004
Loose dress or Loosewoman
Edith is the kind of slammerkin the men knew to avoid.
by Wordsmith February 21, 2005
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