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face to face

when you chat online for a really long time usually on an online dating service and you want to meet in person.
hey becky can we meet f2f?
by wordman June 09, 2005
Fuck somebody up. Beat the shit outta someone. Jump somebody.
My cuzins gonna come down nare and scrape you.
by Wordman August 29, 2003
to snitch or tell the police or other members of authority about a crime that you have witnessed or that you saw your friend doing
man, that punk ratted me out to the cops
by wordman June 09, 2005
meaning to have to pay the entire amount of the expenses for the meal,trip,entertainment, etc.
I took my travel group to the amusement park and I had to foot the whole bill.
by wordman July 05, 2005

Adj: An unlucky or hopeless state of affairs.

My wife walking in and watching the baby sitter wipe my man goo from her chin was bad news bears.
by wordman April 14, 2003
Noun: Any stick with crap on it.

Adj: not good. see bad news bears

Noun: Don't try to pet that dog with that crapstick.

Adj. "Oh crapstick"
by wordman April 14, 2003
A raging douchebag who types using too many enters.
Oh man, that kid is a oonik.
by WordMan April 24, 2005

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