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A young man who goes for an older woman. Essentially the opposite of a cougar only not as big of an age difference. A Stallion is usually with a hottie who, even though could get a guy her own age, is somehow infatuated with their younger date.
I hate going to the bar in Alberta because they let people in at 18... it's just a bunch of stallions.

Friend 1: Hey is that Jane`s stallion over there in EB Games?
Friend 2: woa he is a youngen!

Example 3

Friend 1: So i met this guy and we've been kind of seeing eachoth and I just found out he just turned 20.

Friend 2: Well your only 24... thats not that big a difference. looks like you've got yourself a stallion.
by WordWorksWorm November 13, 2010
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