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Foul-smelling genitals. Usually used by females referring to a male's genitals, but is becoming increasingly popular for males to refer to a foul-smelling vagina as "skunk junk."
"I went down on Rob and he had the worst case of skunk junk I have ever had the displeasure of encountering!" exclaimed Joyce.

"Kristen told be I had skunk junk, so now I lather up my cock and balls with soap on a daily basis!"

"If Bob wants his evening blow job, he'll have to take care of that chronic case of skunk junk ASAP!"
by WordWally June 19, 2009
The need to wipe the anus due to excess sweating and or wet farting that has left a wet sticky feeling in the crack of the ass.
"Excuse me dude, it's 98 degrees out here and my crack is dripping...I need a gripe wipe NOW.

"Damn, I really need a gripe wipe - I've been blowing wet farts all day."

"Stop complaining and go give yourself a gripe wipe!"
by WordWally June 05, 2009

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